It’s f**king Friday. Fuck yeah.

There stretches ahead of me 48 hours of infinite possibilities. I will be free from my desk & the suffocating atmosphere I find myself in 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

I could drink myself into oblivion, or just have a few beers with friends. I could go to the cinema or do a bit of yoga. I could even go to the Hawaiian hula dancing class I saw advertised on a kebab shop door last night. In essence, I can do whatever the fuck I want.

I now get it. I get why, when I’d meet up with friends on a Friday evening in London after work there was always an electric atmosphere in the air. Everyone lets out a great collective breathe of relief &, for a rare few hours, excitedly takes advantage of having total control over their time.

I’ve always worked for myself & tend to love what I do, so most days are equally as great as Friday. Friday is just a bit more fun as everyone around you is in a great mood.

Yet I question how great Friday really is. People stream out of their offices straight into bars (at least in London) & tend to drink themselves to a point where they have no worries or inhibitions – until they don’t really give a fuck.


It’s relief. It’s not really happiness in & of itself.

It’s a celebration of something bad stopping for a little while. It’s like someone constantly hits you in the face for 5 days straight & then you go wild & celebrate – feel gratitude even – when it stops for 2 days.

So it’s not really something to celebrate. It’s escapism. It’s a brief respite from the hard reality of a job lacking purpose.

You see it as time passes throughout the evening; as Friday night slips away, the spectre of ‘real life’ emerges again to remind you that your freedom is finite.

There’s only Saturday night left in between you & that thing on Monday morning you’ve got to do.

There’s Sunday, but most people spend that in limbo, worrying about Monday & preoccupied with the week to come, so it may as well be part of Monday; maybe ‘pre-Monday’ would be apt.

So yeah. It’s Friday. I’m gonna enjoy the sense of relief that comes with that, but I’m also going to use my Saturday & Sunday to make sure I never need to finish the week with a sense of relief ever again.

I’ve got a lot to do: write 2,000-word articles, record our first podcast, set up a website & create a roadmap for the next few weeks.

With a lot of hard work, Monday’s going to be my favourite day of the week. I want to feel excited to build something, to be in a team I love, solving problems I’m passionate about.

Life should never be something you need relief from.



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